A Long Way To SailDemo 2011

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The Way Home – Featuring the works of Leonid Afronov October 2021

September 12 – Maybe ©Roseheartworks

The Madness Joy

Featuring the works of Alfred Rodríguez

November 2020

Parisienne Amour

Featuring the works of Ron Hicks

September 2020

Japanese Rain

Featuring the works of Jeremy Mann

August 2020

Summer Honeysuckle Bees

Prelude In C Major By Bach – Harp

VLog August 2018

Cincinnati Lights 2018

VLog 2017

Rapid City Scenic

Theme For Jo (Reprise)

July 2017

Rapid City (J19)

(Theme For Jo) 2018

July 2017

Les Barricades Mysteriéuses- Harpsichord

Fan Museum – Greenwich 2015