Hold The Light

This is a portrait of Sabita ,aged 33, beloved wife of Vidur and treasured mother of the artist Roshni .
It is part of a donation to St Georges Hospital Charity where she passed in 2019.
She was born in Guyana, South America and emigrated to England in 1962. The portrait depicts her in an occasionally worn, traditional Indian sari when she was on her way to a social gathering circa 1971.
She is shown surrounded by her favourite flower, lavender and other flowers and words associated with her, her daughter and her husband.

Chakra #aqua #lilac #ceramicsmallpot

Chakra #aqua #lilac #smallpot

Belle #lilacliddedpot #ceramic

The Destruction Vs The SELF

Ceramic and mixed media

I am here nowcarved ceramic and mixed media

Forget-me-not Blue Morning

Forget-me-not Blue Morning

Mixed media on ceramic


Hello – wax and watercolour


Wax and watercolour

April 2018

Rosita (peace)

Rosita (sleeps)

Carved ceramic and mixed media


All Roads Lead SomewhereOil on Canvas

All Roads Lead Somewhere

Oil on Canvas

Sept 2016

Waterfall Red – ceramic

Waterfall Red


Dec 2019

Dahlia Sun ceramic, acrylic and enamel

Dahlia Sun

Ceramic, acrylic and enamel

April 2016